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About us

Insurance Claims Consultancy  & Restoration Services

allis was created to meet the needs of customers who incurr losses or damage when receiving their household goods and personal effects.


A newly arrived expatriate living in a strange city, where he/she does not speak the local language, or a transferee from another state, if not properly advised, might find it difficult to comply with all the requests of the insurance corporation, for example: obtaining quotes for replacements, restoration or even compiling with all the paperwork requested to commence a Claim Form.

In today's modern, busy world, where every minute of our time is precious, our company presents itself as a focal point. We offer :


  • Advice to fill out the insurance form;

  • Damage inspection;

  • Issuance of damaged reports;

  • Arrange for online & on sight searches in specialized local stores;

  • Provide high resolution photographs;

  • Compilation of documents required by the insurers.

  • Claims management process for your convenience and easy control.

Our headquarters, whose reputation for excellence dates back over 30 years ago has founded allis. Our team comes from the international removals industry, hence possesses a wide knowledge, understanding of the challenges and difficulties faced by the customers.

The team is knowledgeable of the local culture, focused on commitment and punctuality. Providing convenient hours, follow-ups and process monitoring are some of our differentials to save our customer's precious time, generate comfort as well as solving pending needs.

Areas We Service :

Rio de Janeiro,RJ - São Paulo,SP -  Brasília,DF - Curitiba,Paraná - Porto Alegre,RS - Salvador, Bahia.


Cities to be Covered Soon :  Belo Horizonte, Cuiabá and Recife.​

"Excelente serviço! - Muito obrigada por todo o suporte." 
Jannice, RJ
" Thanks for your help, everything was done correctly and on time. We are satisfied with the service."
Katherine, Porto Alegre    
“ I can not thank you enough for all your efforts, time, patience and hard work at taking care of all these items
that are both near and dear to my heart." 

Kelly, SP

" The artisan did a fantastic job. All items were repaired to our satisfaction. Thank you very much for your help."
Manuel, Curitiba    
 " They dia a brilliant job! Looks brand new!
Thank you so much. " 
Jennifer, SP    
 " Thank you for all support during this turbulent period. "
Richard, RJ